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Heroine of the Hour

(Psychosomatic Sister)

Dylan Meconis
9 September 1983
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Dylan Meconis: artist, writer, geek, girl, super-soldier of the Revolution.

Born in 1983, 2005 graduate of Wesleyan University with a degree in Talking About Books, comics artist, loyal resident of the Pacific Northwest, consumer of eccentric culture and lover of standard kitchen spices beginning with the letter "c".


Add me as a friend at your leisure! I try to entertain.
adolescent psychology, alan rickman, amy unbounded, animation, antoine de saint-exupery, athena, battlestar galactica, bisexuality, black labradors, books, buffy, capslock for emphatic effect, carbohydrates, cartoon men, castle waiting, children's literature, chopin, classics, comics, david bowie, death, destiny, dylan's cats, education, esveldt's mom, existentialism, faces, finder, firefly, france, french, garlic, geeks, george eliot, george orwell, glasses, going slowly crazy, graphic novels, greek mythology, green tea, grey tabbies, gritty middle-aged women, his dark materials, history, homer, hugo weaving, hunchback of notre dame, illustration, independent schools, intellectuals, jam, jazz, johnny depp, lesbianism, liberalism, libraries, life, lighting fixtures, lithuania, llamas, martial arts, mary gauthier, mercury studio, military aviation, mythology, neurotically deleting posts, npr, nubian goats, oingo boingo, ok go, opera, pants press, paris, patrick farley is prettier than me, periscope studio, pie, poekoelan, portland, punching draco malfoy, quirk rock, rationalism, rilke, roald dahl, salon bede, sandman, scrubs, seattle, silly animals, singing, socialized healthcare, socks, spinoza, star trek, stephen dunn, stumptown comics fest, suzanne vega, tea, the decemberists, the desert peach, the wire, theater, thucydides, tolkien, useless knowledge, vampires, villains, vlad taltos, webcomics, weird tights, wesleyan university, west wing, wonderfalls, world domination, writing, xplane, yoga, young adult fiction