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And, oh yeah. I almost forgot.

New Battlestar Galactisimpsons (the original set is here). I'll have 4x6 prints of almost all of them for sale at Emerald City this weekend. Where Jamie "Apollo" Bamber will be.

I'm so sorry, Jamie.

So very, very sorry.

There are two more, but they're a bit spoiler-y for this season. So you've been warned!

And by the way, I'm now three weeks behind on episodes, so keep your plot-current comments TO YOURSELVES, for the love of the one true Cylon god!



May. 12th, 2008 06:26 am (UTC)
these are very cool, but i followed the link to the originals and there seems to be a link missing. i get to the page with the big banner, which is also very cool and you mention more drawings, but there is no link.

am i missing something?