May 9th, 2008

Tarot - Queen of Pentacles

Better Late than Never

I've been enjoying everybody's self-portraits as teenagers and as their current selves (although really, I would not mind seeing more of them from people who were teenagers more than five years ago).

So I finally did one.

Mine was actually pretty tricky, since I have always been a relatively self-consistent little Martian. I asked Bill what has changed about me, and his comment was (after a long pause) " wear more earth tones now."

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battlestar galactisimpons: because I have free time again

And, oh yeah. I almost forgot.

New Battlestar Galactisimpsons (the original set is here). I'll have 4x6 prints of almost all of them for sale at Emerald City this weekend. Where Jamie "Apollo" Bamber will be.

I'm so sorry, Jamie.

So very, very sorry.

There are two more, but they're a bit spoiler-y for this season. So you've been warned!

And by the way, I'm now three weeks behind on episodes, so keep your plot-current comments TO YOURSELVES, for the love of the one true Cylon god!

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