Dylan Meconis (quirkybird) wrote,

Book book book!

So! I have my advance copy of the Family Man book!

(You can see this video at its home on Flickr here.)

Very exciting! It would be even more so, if I weren’t so tired that I can barely keep my head up. As I warned might happen, I have passed the “not healthy to try to post this week’s page on time” line. It’ll be up sometime this weekend, and look all the better for it.

Ugh, seriously, LJ readers:  I am completely on fumes, here.  I worried so hard about this book that I think I may have popped a kidney.  It looks great, and all the other cool stuff packaged along with the limited edition pre-orders is going to look great, too.  If keeping on top of all (and planning for the San Diego Comic-Con) that were all I were doing right now, I’d still be pooped – but the last two weekends on the road for family stuff, and the several freelance engagements I’m holding down on top of it all, have wiped me out.

So what I’m saying here is that cloning technology is starting to look pretty good.

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