Dylan Meconis (quirkybird) wrote,

We're Big In Japan. By Which I Mean Portland

Folks in Portland should grab a copy of the Portland Mercury today - it features a full page, full color comic about the Stumptown Comics Fest, fashioned by Bill Mudron and myself, with some excellent early hand-holding by Erika Moen!

I'll post a higher res version this afternoon, but for now, the Mercury's online version is pretty legible. I did script and layout/early pencils, and Bill did all the final art. There are more in-jokes and cameos in this thing than there are licks in a Tootsie roll pop. I enjoy abusing authorial privilege.

And with this feature, I've made it into five of Portland's papers in some form or another! This town is going to be totally sick of me by the time I hit my fifth anniversary.
Tags: art, comics, print, stumptown
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